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The Story

In memory of my granddad Jim Kirby 1929-2004.

Some time in 2011 I came about some of my granddad's slides, which may or may have not started my steam train hobby... there could have been other factors at work, I did like them as a child, had a train set and watched Thomas the Tank Engine.

My granddad was a keen train spotter, he took lots of photographs of steam trains, most of this history I will never know. I found in his slides he photographed a rusty 60034 Lord Farrington (also know as Peregrine) from back in 1968, which is a Gresley A4 Pacific locomotive that entered service in 1 July 1938. There's even some of the Flying Scotsman, no idea of the date.

I'm not sure when this hobby became a reality, sometime before the 19th January 2013. I speculate that I found out about it via flickr, but it could have been on seeing a steam train on the main line or steam from it at least. On the 19th I went for a walk to a location that could be possible to get good photographs from, it had snowed a tiny bit then.

The first time I saw and indeed photographed a steam train on the west coast main line was on the 26th January 2013, it had snowed a lot for Kendal and the sun was out. A perfect start to an interesting adventure, following in my granddads footsteps, although with a modern spin to it. The spin being all of of my photographs are digital and photoshopped which didn't exist in my granddads days, he used slide film!

It's been three years since this has started and I've visited a few great places to take photographs of steam, getting shots that are a bit different to what I've seen online.

Unable to drive means that most of my photographs taken are from around Kendal. It's a beautiful place when the weather's right and there happens to be a lot of different landscapes in view. Getting more into this subject I'm finding new places to go for different angles, Docker has a great selection of locations and it's pretty quiet.