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Steam Train Editing at Docker Viaduct

With a bit of planning and location discovery I found this great location for a shot, the viaduct is one of very few around Kendal so great to have a shot of it.

My plan was to head there for about an hour before it arrived, today though was very cold and windy so I still went with my plan. Getting there I found where best to be, got my tripod setup and then hid behind a tree for half and hour while getting cold! With about 15 minutes to go I started taking photos, finally getting two shots for the light, the background. Once the steam train went past a hail shower came in at that point everything was cold and my fingers more so. A quick ride home!

Editing has taken some time about 6 hours, which is a long time. The background, clouds and wires all needed to be sorted out... finally it's finished and looks amazing!